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Honoring Your Microbiome and Mother Nature.

Cicco: (Italian) A term of endearment meaning "little one".

What Cicco. means to us: At Cicco. we care about the little things. The littlest things often have the largest impacts. We set out to honor the little things that are often overlooked; all of the microorganisms that coexist with us, and the plants which are so often thought of as nothing but weeds.


Cicco. Body Care was created in November of 2019 by Maria Ciccotelli. Cicco's approach is strongly rooted in herbalism. We are an all natural, small batch, plant-powered woman-owned-and-operated company. Everything is handmade in Maine with only good for you and good for the planet ingredients. You will not find ingredients on Cicco. labels that you can't understand. Hiding nothing and being straightforward with ingredients and intentions is our motto, because we believe that being upfront and honest is the best way to live life. Cicco. products are powered by local, organic, sustainable and ethically traded plants that honor your skins' microbiome and Mother Nature.

                  Microbiome: all (more than 100 trillion) living microbes - bacteria, fungi, algae, protozoa and                                          viruses - that coexist on and inside the human body. Weighing as much as 5 pounds and                                                  comprising 99% of the cells on the body, the microbiome supports our immune system and                                            protects us from foreign invaders.


At Cicco. we are all about infusions. Infusions allow us time to humbly ask plants to release their beneficial properties so we may work with them to enhance our own lives. We believe the extra time spent working with the plants makes the final product all the more worthwhile. While we love the smell of essential oils, they are highly unsustainable as only a teeny tiny portion of plant material is volatile oil (essential oil). We also understand that they can be harsh on the skin Microbiome that we work so hard to protect. For these reasons, we choose to keep them out of our products.


Cicco. started out as a passion project. I was becoming more and more aware of how many harmful ingredients there were in everything that I used on a day to day basis. I, like many other trying-to-be-conscious with what I put on my skin folks, got tired of buying what I thought was "natural", (because it claimed to be so), just to research ingredients on the label to find that not all of the ingredients were non-toxic or were potentially harmful after-all. I got sick of spending money just to throw things away. 


I wanted to try my hand at making some of these products, so I began to research. I wanted to know the ins and outs of techniques, the whys and hows of plants and their constituents. An overwhelming serge of passion overtook me and I wanted to immerse myself in this world of herbalism and body care entirely. I began studying herbalism and this was when everything clicked. I knew I had found what I had been searching for my whole life. My journey had finally brought me to something that I could feel good about dedicating my life to and sharing with others. I have always been a lover of the land, an avid gardener, a caretaker of the earth. Now, I was a budding herbalist. I ran faster with this than I had ever run. Before I knew it, I was making my first batch of botanical soap... and here we are, in the midst of a journey that is ever continuing. I hope that you choose to ride the wave with me. Welcome to Cicco. Body Care!

Cheers to the little things!

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